Barry Duncan: Becoming better at what we do!

maandag, 6 mei, 2019

Becoming Better at What We Do: The Partners for Change Outcome Management System
Therapists explore many pathways to improve their effectiveness, but what really works? This workshop answers that question with three strategies. First, research makes it clear that the client is the heart and the relationship between the provider and client is the soul of therapeutic change. When we focus on consumer resources and rally them to the cause of change and proactively build strong alliances, our chances for a positive outcome are greatly enhanced. And the odds are significantly better—more than any other single thing we can do—when we involve consumers in all decisions that affect their care via systematic client feedback about the benefit of services and the quality of the alliance. The Partners for Change Outcome Management System (PCOMS) provides an early warning system that identifies clients who aren't responding, allowing us to keep clients engaged while we collaboratively seek new directions. This two-day training provides practical strategies for harvesting client resources and building strong alliances as well as the pragmatics of PCOMS to enable you to start with your next client—to improve outcomes, track effectiveness, and form true partnerships with those we serve.